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Frayne Vibez, a prodigious talent hailing from the bustling streets of Chicago, IL, emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of pop, hip-hop, and indie rock, seamlessly blending genres to create a sonic tapestry that resonates with the rhythms of the modern era. Born into a legacy of musical excellence, Frayne’s journey began with the tender strokes of a piano and the rhythmic cadence of percussion, igniting a passion that would propel him into the spotlight of the music industry.


Rooted in a rich musical heritage, Frayne draws inspiration from his grandfather, the legendary Ramsey Lewis, whose pioneering contributions to jazz have left an indelible mark on music history. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Frayne embarked on a quest to carve out his own sonic identity, infusing harmonic melodies with poignant lyrics that resonate with the depths of human experience.


As a singer, songwriter, and rapper, Frayne infuses harmonic melodies with poignant lyrics that speak to the depths of the human experience. His creative vision knows no boundaries, fearlessly exploring the intersection of multiple genres, weaving together a tapestry of sound that defies conventions and invites audiences into the immersive universe he has aptly coined as The Good Vibez Universe.


Frayne recently joined forces with acclaimed producer Kosine, known for his work with chart-topping artists such as Justin Bieber, Big Sean, and Rihanna. This collaboration heralds a new chapter in Frayne’s musical odyssey, as his urban/alt/pop sound evolves to new heights under the guidance of Kosine’s unparalleled production expertise.


Frayne’s electrifying stage presence is a testament to his boundless energy, passion, and unwavering connection to his audience. With each performance, he seeks to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of his listeners, believing that if he can touch even one soul with his music, his mission is fulfilled.

Amidst the fervor of his musical endeavors, Frayne prepares to unveil his latest sonic debut , “Take It Easy,” set to captivate audiences worldwide on June 6, 2024, through Hidden Beach Recordings. This heartfelt composition offers a poignant exploration of love’s complexities, intertwining themes of emotional evolution and the liberating power of letting go. “Take It Easy” stands as a testament to Frayne’s prowess as a storyteller, painting a vivid portrait of personal growth against the backdrop of seasonal changes and introspective musings.


Through his unwavering dedication to his craft, Frayne invites listeners on a transcendent journey of sonic exploration, where boundaries dissolve, and the essence of music speaks directly to the soul.

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